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In Wilkes-Barre, an entire unit just for kids

JWCH Pediatric Services Wilkes BarreJanet Weis Children’s Hospital Pediatric Services
Children who are sick or injured can often play an important role in their own recovery and wellness. We do everything we can to help them during a stay, including designing our entire children’s unit with them in mind.

You are an important part of your child’s medical care team, so please ask questions at anytime—before, during or after a procedure or test.

General information about the children’s unit at Geisinger Wyoming Valley:

  • All rooms are private, with a private bath.
  • Each room has a daybed, and a parent or caregiver can stay in the room overnight.
  • We want your child to know that his or her room is a safe and secure place. So, whenever possible, we use the procedure room nearby for procedures that might be uncomfortable or painful.
  • We monitor your child’s “vital signs”  (heart rate, respirations and blood oxygen level) from our central nursing station as well as from other locations on the floor.
  • Through our nationally recognized “electronic health record,” our physicians can check test results and medical histories via secure computer access, at any time of day or night. This access keeps each of your child’s physicians—from specialists and subspecialists here onsite to those in your community—up to date.

Cheerful visits, entertainment

Visits from friends and family can be important to your child, and to you. Parents and siblings may come at any time. All other visitors who are at least 16 years old can come to your child’s room or our playroom during visiting hours. Anyone who has a cold or other infectious disease may call your child’s room or send a note, but cannot visit. 

When your child feels well enough, check out the TV, VCR/DVD or Playstation II. Our playroom, which features a fish tank, offers a variety of books, games, puzzles, toys and videos for all ages. You may play with your child there or take toys and games to the room. And don’t miss the outside play deck.

For more information

For more details about your child’s room, the nursing unit, kitchen, parent laundry, bathing facilities and more, please see our Patient Guide, available online or at the nursing station. Or please ask our staff.