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Anesthesiology and Sedation

Doctor explaining something to a girl

Calming comforts during tests and treatments.

Certain tests, treatments, and surgeries require a special approach, a special understanding to help your child to remain calm and comfortable. One of the best ways to meet these goals is to provide medications to make your child sleepy or drowsy. For every child we care for—newborns, toddlers, adolescents, and teens—this is an important part of our commitment to quality care.

Every child has different needs and requires a unique approach. So our physicians offer many options to reduce pain and anxiety. They can numb the skin before a shot. Or they can give medication to make a child drowsy or fully asleep for certain procedures or for surgery. Some medications wear off quickly. Others last longer, when pain relief is needed for hours or days.

With the expertise of specialists on our Sedation and Anesthesia teams, children can benefit in a number of ways:

  • When medications help a child to remain still and quiet, X-rays, tests, and procedures, for example, are of higher quality. The test is then more accurate the first time around.
  • With sedation, children often feel little or no pain during a procedure, which makes them less nervous about future visits.
  • Recovery can be quicker with the right medicines for pain.

However long or brief your child’s visit, our physicians and other members of our Sedation Team are dedicated to your child’s care—before, during, and after a hospital stay.