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Finding solutions: The Digestive Tract

the pediatric digestive tract

Our Pediatric Gastroenterologists care for children with illnesses that affect their digestive system. The digestive system includes:

  • esophagus, or throat
  • stomach
  • intestines, or bowels
  • liver and pancreas (organs that break down food so the body can use it)

What causes problems with the digestive tract?

Problems with the stomach, digestion, weight and nutrition might be caused by certain foods or medicines. They can also be caused by your child’s physical development or the way the body processes foods. Like you, we want to pinpoint the cause and find solutions quickly.

Our specialists in Pediatric Gastroenterology keep up to date on new procedures and new equipment that are designed with children in mind. We use specialized, smaller equipment, for example. Depending on the test, your child might also get medicine to make him sleepy or fall completely asleep. icon arrow right More