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Down Syndrome Clinic

exam room down syndrome

The Down Syndrome Clinic of Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital educates families about Down syndrome and provides medical support while working in collaboration with your pediatrician to ensure that your child is receiving the best care possible. 

Our multidisciplinary approach at the Down Syndrome Clinic will allow you to meet with several specialists including a geneticist, genetic counselor and a physical therapist, as well as provide you with support services from social work. Depending on your child’s age, the geneticist and/or genetic counselor we will review what screenings are recommended and any health concerns you should be aware of. They will also be happy to answer general questions you may have regarding Down syndrome, chromosomes, or inheritance, or any other care-related questions you may have.

A physical therapist will review the therapy services your child is currently receiving and help make recommendations for any necessary changes to your child’s therapy plan. Therapy services can include physical, occupational and/or speech therapy. Social work will also provide you with local and state resources that are available to you and your child.

We offer a monthly pediatric Down Syndrome Clinic, held on the first Tuesday of every month. For questions or to schedule an appointment, call our office at 570.214.9196.