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Hematology and Oncology

Doc with boy in wheelchair

For today, for tomorrow: Extra-special care for kids with cancer

Leukemia. Blastoma. Cancer. These are words no parent wants to hear. But when cancer treatment is part of your child’s life, these words become a part of yours. Every hour of every day.

Our physicians understand the challenges that your child and your family face. We are experts in treating children with cancer. And we bring to central Pennsylvania both proven techniques and the latest experimental treatments to fight cancer of all types.

From serious and rare disorders, to cancers that require advanced therapy and long-term care, we work hard to care for your special child. Every hour of every day.

Kyla's Story

For many parents, watching a child head happily off to school and to play is simply part of the daily routine. For Kyla’s parents, such activities bring a special joy. Six years ago, Kyla’s routine included riding a big red wagon through the halls at Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville. Her destination: cancer therapy. Click for full story with video.

Specialists in caring for children with blood disorders and cancers

Two types of specialists lead our fight against cancer in children. Our pediatric hematologists are physicians who specialize in treating children who have blood disorders. Those who treat children who have cancer are pediatric oncologists. We consider your child’s growth and development through every procedure, from diagnosis through treatment and follow up.

Our innovative treatments and equipment, the latest research, and our dedication provide children with the greatest chances to fight cancers of all types. As part of our efforts, we’re also part of an international group devoted to finding cures. Together, we treat an impressive range of cancers and related disorders.  more more 

researcherWe’re looking for cures.

As part of  the national Children’s Oncology Group, we offer the latest treatments for children with cancer. more More