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Intensive Care

Vigilant. Compassionate. Intensive Care for your child.

PICU doc with patientWhen your child cannot eat without a feeding tube or breathe without the aid of complex equipment, that’s when you know. That’s when you understand how very important our pediatric intensive care physicians are to you and to our community. Through serious injuries and illnesses, our physicians provide the high level of skill and the advanced treatment that are so important for your child’s recovery.

Over 40 specialists and sub-specialists quickly assemble a team that is unique to each child. Leading the charge is an “intensivist,” the physician who specializes in caring for children who are critically ill or injured. We ensure that each child has the advanced equipment and the latest technology available. Specially trained nurses attend to every test and treatment. Experienced caregivers ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible. Specialists meet with you in private consultation rooms.

We bring all of these critical elements together in one location, in a dedicated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit available nowhere else in central or northern Pennsylvania.

Ours is a quiet intensity, all devoted to bringing your child the very best of care. more more

Pediatric Intensive Care

Specialists Specialists care for some of our most seriously ill and injured children.

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Sarah Fifteen-year-old Sarah has no memory of Nov. 17, 2006.