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Center for Prenatal Pediatrics

We know that the health of your baby begins well before he or she is born. So we created the Center for Prenatal Pediatrics. It includes a team of specialists who focus on moms and babies who need special medical attention before and during birth. Your obstetrician or pediatrician might refer you to our specialists for a number of reasons, such as to diagnose or treat inherited conditions and birth defects.

We assemble each team in one location to keep both mom and baby at their healthiest. Your team includes a variety of specialists and sub-specialists in "fetal," or prenatal medicine. They are all experts in caring for your baby before he or she is born. You'll meet with them to learn about any medical conditions your baby might have and to plan treatment options.

Your baby is always our focus

With your baby as our focus, we've placed a wide range of services within the Center for Prenatal Pediatrics. You will meet personally with the core team, led by a licensed social worker, to plan the most effective treatment possible. This team includes:

  • Your obstetrician (or "baby" doctor), who specializes in maternal fetal medicine
  • Neonatologist, who specializes in caring for critically ill newborns
  • Coordinator - a licensed social worker who coordinates the prenatal center process, with the patient and family, while offering supportive intervention
  • Spiritual Care
  • Childbirth Center, nurse manager
  • March of Dimes family support specialist
  • Physicians from over 24 different specialties and sub-specialties can join this core team whenever your baby needs them.

If you or your unborn baby has been diagnosed with a complication and you would like more information about the Center for Prenatal Pediatrics, call 570-214-4621.