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First Morning Sample

Instructions for Collecting a First Morning Urine Sample

To collect the first morning urine, we ask that the last thing your child does before going to bed is empty their bladder into the toilet. Then they should go straight to bed and lie down. When you child wakes up in the morning, they should go straight to the bathroom and collect a sample of urine in a clean container.

If your child gets up during the night, you should have them empty their bladder before getting back to bed, and then you can still collect a first morning void when they wake up in the morning.

Bedwetting will not affect the test, unless your child gets up during the night. A first morning void can still be collected as soon as your child wakes up.

We will usually provide you with a specimen cup container to collect the urine. However, any clean glass or plastic container can be used. It should be washed out prior to collecting the urine, but be sure that all the soap is rinsed from it.

If you forget to collect the first morning urine, you will have to start over and try again the next day. Don’t collect the urine after your child has been up for a while or has already emptied their bladder after waking.