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Normal development or behavior disorder?

If you child is “late” in reaching certain milestones or seems to have problems behaving, you might need the help of our Neurodevelopment specialists. We understand the need to catch learning and behavior problems as early as possible.

Our physicians are national experts in diagnosing and treating children with variety of neurodevelopment disorders.

Expert diagnosis. Advanced treatment. Just for children. 

Recently, our team wrote guidelines that specialists across the country now use as the medical reference for Autism, for example. And we work with children every day to diagnose and treat:
• Autism
• ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Dyslexia
• Mental retardation
• Language disorders
• Conditions passed down through genes (neurogenetic disorders)
• Other learning disorders

Our specialists work with a team dedicated to caring for children, including physicians who specialize in caring for newborns (neonatologists). Also important to your child’s treatment is our dedicated staff with experience in many types of rehabilitation. Together, we help you and your child with the latest and most advanced diagnosis, education and treatment.

Learn more about autism, ADHD and dyslexia.