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Mother with baby in poolAdvanced diagnosis. Compassionate treatment.

Does your child avoid running or biking because of embarrassment about falling? Is your child slow to speak, even around loved ones? Have you seen his or her muscles shake, or has he experienced a seizure? Every child is different, and each develops at different rates. But when you or your pediatrician see certain symptoms, you’ll want to know what causes them. You want to know what to do next.

Our experienced team of pediatric neurologists specializes in problems of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. They have studied and worked at some of the country’s most prestigious programs, and children’s hospitals. And each of these physicians focuses on specific neurological conditions in children. more More

Surgery for epilepsy

brain xray Geisinger’s pediatric specialists target the brain, right where seizures start.

Patient Testimonial

kourtney Kourtney doesn't remember the off-road race she attended in 2006, near her hometown.