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Mother helping child with a blocks

Behavior. Emotions. Thinking.

After an illness or injury, a child’s body might seem to heal faster than the brain. You might see symptoms of this in a dozen subtle ways:

  • Changes in behavior: More active, less active. Too impulsive, too careful. More talkative, less talkative.
  • Changes in emotions: Anger. Frustration. Moodiness.
  • Changes in thinking:  Problems with attention or focus. Slowed thinking. Difficulty getting ideas into words. Challenges with memory or learning.

No matter what your child’s age or condition, our specialists are experts in caring for children with injuries or conditions involving the brain. Our physicians specialize in pediatric neuropsychology, and evaluate children’s behavior, emotional reactions and thinking skills. 

Expert Specialty care For Your child.

Located conveniently in central Pennsylvania, our neuropsychologists treat a broad range of conditions, from minor concerns to complex brain disorders, including traumatic brain injury. And we use the latest techniques and procedures—designed specifically for children.

For example, a pediatric neuropsychologist:

  • Follows the child over time to assess changes in functioning and offer recommendations as the child's needs change
  • Provides cognitive rehabilitation, behavior management guidance or psychotherapy (counseling)
  • Sees a child with a concussion or head injury while the child is in the hospital  We can help guide when the child is ready to go back to school and what help the child may need for return to school.  

The neuropsychologist also provides school consultation, and communication with school personnel to help determine special educational needs and appropriate educational

From an infant with possible brain injuries to teens with symptoms such as poor memory and difficulty learning, we offer expert care for every child.