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children with glassesEyeglasses, eye drops, surgery?

From infants to toddlers to teens, healthy eyes and good vision can affect children throughout their entire lives. From problems at birth to injuries in a ball game, the children of central Pennsylvania can rely on the expertise and experience of our medical staff.

Ophthalmologists are physicians who specialize in injuries, diseases, and illnesses that can affect your child’s vision. Not every child needs this high level of expert care and experience, but our team is here to when you need it. So whether injury or illness affects your child’s eyes, we use the latest technologies for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Types of treatment

Does your infant have trouble focusing both eyes on a toy in the nursery? Medication or surgery might be the answer. Our physicians work closely with a team of specialists and sub-specialists—all dedicated to making sure children have the best chance to see the great future ahead of them.

From back-to-school eye exams to complex surgery on the optical nerves, we bring eye care expertise here for you and your family.