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Plastic Surgery

girl with parents and doctorTreatment and recovery after accidents and illness

A child’s sweet face. A tiny hand. An injured foot. For any number of reasons, children need the expert care of surgeons who can repair or treat the skin, or rebuild the bone and underlying structures of a growing body. For accidents, disease, or defects at birth, our experienced surgeons deliver expert care.

We’re specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery, specifically for children. Our surgeons here in central and northeastern Pennsylvania use the latest in reconstructive and surgical techniques. So, from simple removal of a growth to complex reconstruction after a major illness or accident, we offer experience in caring for growing children.

We treat the smallest of toddlers and the strongest of teens:

  • Repair (reconstruction) after surgery, cancer treatment and accidents
  • Treatment of various diseases that cause conditions of the skin
  • Skin discolorations and birthmarks such as “port wine stains”
  • Removal of warts, moles and other growths
  • Reconstruction of the nose and nasal cavity, including rhinoplasty and deviated septum.

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