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Mother helping child with a puzzle

Soothing the aches, for an active childhood.

The normal activities of growing up cause every child minor aches and pains.  Sometimes, however, pains in the joints and muscles are not simply growing pains. They are signs of a “rheumatic” condition.
If this type of condition is causing your child’s pain, expert treatment might help to limit and even prevent damage to joints and muscles—and keep him active and healthy for a lifetime.

Here in central Pennsylvania, we have a specialist who diagnoses and treats children with aches like these. Pediatric rheumatologists understand the causes behind symptoms such as weakness, extreme tiredness, and unexplained pains, fevers and rashes. Our team often includes pediatric orthopaedists and therapists.

We work together to find the right medications, therapies and other treatments to relieve your child’s symptoms.

Types of diseases our Pediatric Rheumatologist treats:

  • Acute and chronic arthritis including juvenile idiopathic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis
  • Juvenile Dermatomyositis, which causes skin rashes and weakness in the muscles
  • Lupus (“systemic lupus erythematosus”)
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain and fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia, which causes widespread pain or discomfort
  • Scleroderma (which means “hard skin”), a disease that affects the skin, tissues under the skin, and sometimes the muscle
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Lyme disease, which may cause joint swelling
  • Spondyloarthropathies, which include Juvenile Ankyllosing Spondylits, the arthritis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Reiters Syndrome
  • Pediatric Vasculitic Diseases
  • Raynaud's Phenomenon
  • Scleroderma (which means "hard skin"), a disease that affects the skin, tissues under the skin and sometimes the muscle