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Clues to Possible Bladder Control Problems in Children
(mostly for kids over age 4 years)

  • My child urinates less than 3 times a day
  • My child urinates more than 8 times a day
    • Especially if associated with frequent running to bathroom
    • Especially if the voided amount of urine is often small
  • The urge to urinate seems to occur suddenly or without warning
  • My child often does the "potty dance", crosses his or her legs, or squats to the floor to prevent an accident
  • My child leaks in the underwear on the way to the bathroom
    • Hint: It is tough to tell whether there are small amounts of dried urine on underwear made of dark or patterned fabric
  • My child's outer clothing is often wet
  • My child experiences frequent urinary tract infections
  • Bedwetting continues past age 5-6 or occurs with other items on this list
  • My child's bowel movements are hard, painful, pebbly or very large and may not be daily
    • Hint: This is common, and plays a big part in kids with wetting problems. Don't assume that everything is OK just because your child says so
  • There is frequent soiling of the underwear with stool