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Better Clinic

Put bladder and bowel problems in the past

Has your child suddenly begun racing to the bathroom? Is he or she constipated, making it uncomfortable to have a bowel movement? Have you noticed your child's underpants are damp or wet?

You might be surprised to discover that your child has a problem related to the bladder, urinary tract, penis or genitals, for example. Many parents are comforted to discover that right here in central Pennsylvania is some of the most advanced care for children with these types of conditions.

Helping Children Get Dry

Better Clinic is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment program that was established exclusively to help children and adolescents who cannot normally control their urination. Many children and adolescents experience poor bladder control and/or frequent urine infections.

These conditions not only can affect health and well being, but often lead to frustration and discouragement for the patients and families. When considering a StepUp evaluation, there are some observations you can make at home that can be helpful.

Most youngsters who come to the Better Clinic clinic have at least one of the following problems:

  • Bedwetting beyond age 6 years
  • Urination "accidents," damp underwear or urgent urination during the day
  • Frequent or "continuous" infections of the urine
  • Painful or irregular bowel movements in addition to the above urinary symptoms

Through the Better Clinic program, children and teens with prolonged or particularly difficult wetting problems undergo a comprehensive yet non-threatening evaluations and individualized treatment programs. The Better Clinic teamprovides ongoing monitoring, guidance, and the necessary return evaluations with the goal to resolve the wetting problem as quickly and permanently as possible. When necessary, your child's evaluation and treatment plan can include the input of other medical experts in a broad range of specialties.