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Pediatric Urology

joel sumfest, md, geisinger pediatric urologyPediatric urology is a unique surgical and medical specialty dedicated to the care of children with functional and structural disorders of the genitor-urinary tract.

Common problems cared for by pediatric urologists include urinary tract infections and vesico-ureteral reflux, undescended testes, hypospadias, urinary tract obstruction and hydronephrosis and hernia/hydroceles.

Why a pediatric urologist?

Children are not little adults. A child’s urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, and bladder/urethra) and genitalia are different than those of an adult, and the management of problems in these areas requires a different approach on the part of the attending surgeon.

Joel Sumfest, MD, is a board certified urologist who has completed additional fellowship training in pediatric urology through the Society of Pediatric Urology and the American Academy of Pediatrics. His practice is limited to the care of children.

Based out of the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, Dr. Sumfest cares for common urologic conditions as listed above, and has special expertise in the management of more complex pediatric urologic problems such as neurogenic bladder (spina bifida), intersex conditions and ambiguous genitalia, prenatal identification and care of urologic conditions, and urolithiasis (kidney stones). Dr. Sumfest is at the forefront of the use of minimally invasive surgery in children and has expanded the use of the DaVinci robotic system to children with urologic conditions.


The Surgeon and the Child
Please exercise the greatest gentleness with my miniature tissues and try to correct the deformity at the first opening. I will show you that I can tolerate a terrific amount of surgery. You will be surprised at the speed of my recovery and I shall always be grateful to you. We strive to achieve this goal utilizing the most novel and minimally invasive approaches to the surgery for children.
- Willis Potz, Pediatric Surgeon, University of Chicago