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Fly-Along Program
  • Life Flight 483Participation is limited to emergency services personnel or hospital employees, 18 years of age or older, who have completed high school. Weight limit is 200 pounds.
  • Prior to fly-along experience, all participants are required to have an orientation by duty crew of program operations and aircraft. Reservations can be made by calling Life Flight Administration at (570) 271-6217.
  • Participating personnel will be advised of location of base of operations to report for their designated day.
  • Patient photographs are forbidden.
  • If at any time the flight crew views the observer as endangering the integrity of the helicopter program, they may dismiss the observer.
  • Once in flight, the observer will function under the direction of the flight crew. Function will be strictly as an observer. Patient care is not permitted.
  • Above the ankle boots must be worn for the fly along experience.
  • Participants must provide an email address and a contact number so guidelines and information can be sent prior to the fly along.
  • Fly alongs are given at all five base sites depending on space availability.