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Geisinger Neurosurgical Spine

Education initiatives

Educating you and the next generation of physicians
contributes to the effectiveness of the care we provide

The more you know, the better prepared you will be to understand the care you receive and how you can contribute to your own well-being. Before surgery or treatment, we will educate you about the recommended procedures and therapies you will undergo during pre-operative spinal classes that many of our patients participate in. These sessions, conducted by nurse navigators, offer you opportunities to ask questions and be fully informed about the care plan that has been personalized for you. 

At Geisinger, patients are part of the care team. We believe in shared decision making, with you and your team deciding how to best approach any health challenge you are facing. In this way, every patient can make an informed choice armed with knowledge about all available treatments and therapies

Teaching others broadens and deepens what we know and how we use that knowledge. Our Department of Neurosurgery Residency Program offers opportunities for collaboration that bring the best and brightest minds together — offering enlightenment and insight that moves medicine forward, benefiting every patient in our care.