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Shoulder & Elbow Center

When it’s time to seek care for your shoulder or elbow pain, choose an experienced medical team that gives you more advanced options to live pain-free.  At Geisinger, you’ll benefit from being the focus of a full team of experts with one goal - giving you the most appropriate care to relieve your pain and restore your mobility. 

Geisinger’s orthopaedic experts rely on the most trusted methods to preserve the natural function of the shoulder and elbow and increase their longevity. When conservative treatments such as physical therapy or medications don’t work, Geisinger offers advanced options.

Elbow Replacement at Geisinger

Geisinger Orthopaedic Surgeon David J. Kolessar explains the complexities of Total Elbow Replacement Surgery.

Stop living with shoulder or elbow pain. Geisinger’s Shoulder and Elbow Center offers advanced solutions for all types of shoulder and elbow problems.

For more information, call Geisinger Orthopaedic Institute at 1.866.414.4988 or 570.271.7969.


At Geisinger, our team of orthopaedic experts offers the latest techniques and technology to get you back to lifting your young child, throwing a ball or swinging a golf club. We prefer to treat conditions without surgery, whenever possible.

When surgery is required, our fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons care for people with a broad range of conditions of the shoulder and elbow.

play tennisCommon conditions of the shoulder and elbow include

We provide advanced therapies and treatments, including:

For Athletes

sportsmed We work closely with Geisinger’s Sports Medicine Program for your shoulder and elbow injuries.

For Children

peds_ortho We also have experts in orthopaedic care for kids at Janet Weis Children's Hospital.