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Letters of Gratitude

we get mailSome notes of thanks from the people we care for


Thomas R. Bowen, MD

Twice in that past two years we have found ourselves patients and in need of an orthopaedic surgeon. We have always known that Geisinger is so special but it takes on new meaning when you are their patient. Dr. Bowen is a one-of-a-kind surgeon, who cared for my husband. In June, when I fell on vacation in South Carolina, my husband called Geisinger and spoke directly to another one of their orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Michael Suk. He squeezed me into his schedule two and a half days later. Not only is he a skilled surgeon but he cares. That seems to sum up Geisinger - skilled, caring employees. Please know how much we appreciate Geisinger, Dr. Bowen, Dr. Suk and all the associates with them.

"Awesome service. Dr. Bowen is wonderful."

"Extra time taken to explain was very appreciated and helpful. Overall loved Dr. Bowen and his staff. Very helpful and understanding."

"Dr. Bowen put me at complete ease about my hip surgery ... As far as I'm concerned, it's the only place to go for professional and competent treatment for whatever ails you."

"Dr. Bowen was very kind, he took the time to explain everything. Nancy Rogers his assistant was just as GREAT. I am not glad that I had to meet them. But if I had to go have surgery again I would want Dr. Bowen & staff."

"With the computer in the exam room, [Dr. Bowen] was able to show me X-rays while discussing my health issues. This made it easy to see and understand my health issues clearly."

"Dr. Bowen is the most professional surgeon that I know. His time spent before and after my surgery was nothing less than excellent."

"Thank you once again for replacing my right hip. I commend your orthopaedic staff who assisted you and every professional person who cared for me throughout the process."

Sergio Buzzini, MD

"All my visits with Dr. Buzzini & his staff were amazing. I was treated very well by everyone."

"Dr. Buzzini and staff were great. I feel very confident in them."

Chelsea Britto, PA-C

"The computer in the exam room is excellent. Chelsea showed me what was wrong with the rotator cup and also what they fixed. She explained everything to my understanding."

"Orthopedic is top notch for team-work, professionalism and a friendly atmosphere. Thank you!"

"I was very suprised that the waiting time for an appointment for Orthopaedics was extremely fast. Thank You. Chelsea Britto is an excellent PA - very sweet and caring."

Gerard J. Cush, MD

"Thank you for the finest quality care shown to me before, during and following my surgery. You are your staff are truly gifted in what you do!"

"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Cush & all staff and the Woodbine facility."

"I was very happy & impressed when I met Dr. Cush for the first time - and I feel very confident in him!"

"Dr. Cush is great! As was his surgery that day!"

"Dr. Cush is an excellent surgeon who I would highly recommend!"

"I want to thank all of you for everything you have done to help me with my quest for a long distance medical miracle. My experience with every member of the Geisinger medical team has been responsive not only to my medical needs, but also to the long distance issues surrounding my care. Because of the negative experience I had at another health care system, I had began to wonder if the human element had simply been stripped out of our health care systems. At Geisinger, I found it still exists in both administrative as well as medical matters.

I arrived at the Woodbine Clinic understandably nervous about the procedure and the process, but found that I was not only cared for, but also cared about. I think the latter speaks volumes about the professionals who inhabit your day surgical suites. I thank you all for making it so easy for me to feel comfortable and at ease as I was readied for surgery. Your names may be lost in an anesthesia induced cloud, but your faces and friendly care can never be forgotten.

While the outcome of the surgery is yet to be seen, I am grateful especially to Dr. Cush for the courage and compassion he displayed by agreeing to try to help me make the best of a bad situation that could not be completely reversed."

Timothy Egan, PA-C

"Each person I spoke with was very helpful. I was pre-registered by phone, - so, when I arrived for the appointment, it was very speedy. I was extremely satisfied with all services from everyone. A wonderful experience - I definitely would recommend the practice to others."

Gregory C. Fanelli, MD

"I would not have another doctor other than Dr. Fanelli."

"Dr. Fanelli is an excellent surgeon and overall physician. His care and bedside manner is excellent."

"I am very appreciative of Dr. Fanelli's expertise."

"Dr. Fanelli is the best orthopaedist I have dealt with. I would highly recommend him and GMC sports medicine ... Excellent office hours - Dr. Fanelli was able to see me before 6:00 a.m.! Excellent facility, staff & physicians!"

"My doctor, physician assistant, and physical therapist did an excellent job."

"Dr. Fanelli is meticulous and passionate about his profession and the care he provides. I love your use of state-of-the art technology, professionalism, information provided, accuracy of care and promptness."

"Dr. Fanelli is great I will not go to any one else. Excellent."

"Dr. Fanelli & Chelsea (PA) have provided me with the best care that I received from any Dr. or PA in the past. If I have a concern, I never feel like the Dr. or PA is in a rush to move on. My concerns are always explained & I am asked if I have any questions."

Julie Farrow, PA-C

"Julie is a very concerned & caring PA with a wonderful personality for her position. This is the second visit I've had with her and both times were a pleasure to be seen by her."

"In the many visits I have made to Geisinger, I have always received excellent care and excellent treatment by your nurses & doctors."

"My daughter had surgery about a month or so ago…Julie Farrow was absolutely wonderful. She related to my 14 year old daughter with her own sports experiences. The day of [surgery], Julie made it a point to come over before the surgery and really tried to ease [my daughter's] mind, just talked to her...kept telling her she would be in the or with her, she'd be right there the entire time. [My daughter] was more at ease but still being 14, she was scared. When the surgery was over and she was in recovery, [my daughter] came out of her anesthesia [and] she started to cry just being afraid and alone and no familiar face. Apparently Julie must have come to check on her at that moment and she asked if she wanted her to stay with her. [Julie] just sat with her. [My daughter] actually remembers that-that's how we knew Julie was with her. That impacts the patients lives to know someone was with you every step of the way...I just want you to know what a great person Julie is, what a difference she made in a young girl's life. [My daughter] looks forward to seeing her at her follow up appointments, and she mentions her name often."

"My parents and I would like to take this time to thank you for being so wonderful on the day of my surgery. As you know I was very nervous. When you came to me before my procedure you made me laugh and assured me that you were going to be in my surgery. You said you would be there every step of the way. My parents and I felt much better knowing that you were assisting Dr. Fanelli. You have a wonderful personality and are a real asset to the orthopaedics departent. Thanks again for everything and we hope to see you at my next appointment."

Daniel D. Feldmann, MD

"Thank you for doing the arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder five years ago. Initially, I was somewhat disappointed…I was unable to get back into playing tennis due pain I was still experiencing even after healing from surgery and physical therapy. But now I can serve overhead without any sharp pain as I had prior. By doing this surgery and not a shoulder replacement, I can still play tennis and do what I want without the pain. I feel very fortunate that you were the surgeon who worked on my shoulder and will always be thankful to you that you've given me the extra years of playing a sport that I have loved for over 50 years."

"Dr. Feldmann was very through and professional. Beth Baylor is very pleasant, upbeat & cheerful. The two are a perfect match for the office."

Glen T. Feltham, MD

"Dr. Feltham & his staff & PA are awesome. They're very personable and he's a great surgeon."

"I've already recommended Dr. Feltham to others ... They have been seen & they liked him, also.""Dr. Feltham is an excellent doctor."

"Dr. Feltham is the best doctor I have ever had, thank you so much for your concern and also your help with my knee problem... This was the best appt. and surgery that I have ever had, bar none! A big thank you to Dr. Feltham and his staff."

G. Dean Harter, MD

Thanks to Dr. Harter and all staff associated with my now one year anniversary of a new right knee enabling me to enjoy life much more than I used to. Thanks again to all staff, nurses, attendants and to Dr. Harter for a job well done!

"Dr. Harter is friendly and knowledgeable."

The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation and gratitude for my successful total right shoulder joint surgery. Thanks to Dr. Harter, I can now shower unassisted, dress myself, and now have full range of motion with restored ability to perform daily personal chores. Dr. Harter has given me my life back. Before surgery, I had nothing but pain and it was an effort to function normally which caused periods of depression, negatively affecting my personality and interface with family members and friends. Thankfully, I had a wonderful recovery. Dr. Harter described the surgery as a piece of cake and as predicted it was a piece of cake for me as well. Only one overnight stay and even pain-free during the rehabilitation period….I have told this surgery success story many times, especially to anyone seeking a competent orthopaedic surgeon. I appreciate Dr. Harter's surgical skill!

Daniel Horwitz, MD

Thank you for all you do, Dr. Horwitz. You expertly reassembled my broken leg and I am now healed, whole, walking and able to resume normal activities again. My family and I celebrate with a cheer:

Dr. Horwitz, He's the Surgeon,
He's the Man, If you broke a bone,
And need someone to fix it,
Dr. Horwitz "CAN"!!!!
It's a Miracle, I'm Healed!

Thank you for the excellent care you provide!

W. Fred Hess, MD

"Dr. Hess is the best!

"I was especially struck by how much time Dr Hess spent with me. Wonderful bedside manners.'"

Joel Klena, MD

"Thank you ever so much for the care, treatment and surgery you performed on the palm of the right hand of a migrant worker from Brownsville, TX...So many of those whom I work with have little or no access to the medical care this worker needed. It is very difficult for them to find or know where to go to for help and there is no way he would have been able to have this procedure done without your compassion and cooperation. Your expertise and demeanor are exceptional and the Geisinger Medical Center is blessed to have you...Your staff and surgery team are to be commended as well."

"I just wanted to thank all of you especially Dr. Klena You have been so great to my 5-year-old son, Evan. His comfort, feelings and concerns have all been taken into consideration...thanks to the great staff of your office. They were so understanding and made Evan very comfortable...We can never repay you for all you've done."

Stephanie Krick, PA-C

"Stephanie Krick, PA-C, was professional and courteous ... [she] reviewed my upcoming surgery and answered all our questions. She provided confidence in my decision to have the surgery."

Steven A. Lillmars, MD

"This was my first experience at Geisinger, and I am very pleased. The nurses were very caring and friendly. This helps in making an uncomfortable situation more relaxing. I also appreciated the doctor's positive comment, that "He will get my foot fixed." That was good to hear right before I went into surgery."

"In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Lillmars is a kind, caring human being which is why I travel so far for treatment."

"Steven [Lillmars] is an outstanding physician & I was happy to see him."

"From the time our child was Life-Flighted and all the visits in between, we are so glad he was at Geisinger and had Dr. Lillmars for his surgeon. All the PAs were SO great with [patient]. God bless you all!"

"I would recommend Dr. Lillmars & Mr. Cornelius to anyone. Dr. Lillmars did a terrific job replacing the right hip on me. He is a person & dr. one can have confidence in."

"Dr. Lillmars makes you feel as you're in good hands. Dr. Lillmars is great at taking time with your visit... [you're] always sensitive to my needs to schedule at more convenient times & locations around my M-F work schedule."

Matthew McElroy, MD

"Dr. Mc Elroy was kind, interested and helpful. I have already given my family/friends positive comments about my son's experience. This was our first trip to Woodbine. Thank you for the care and concern you gave to my son. I will recommend your facility to anyone I know with a sports injury."

"Dr. McElroy is excellent! He's very knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. He spent plenty of time to explain my problem and instructions on how to heal."

"I was in and out of there in a 1/2 hour. All the doctors I see at GHS are great, they treat you like they care about you. I love GHS compared to my dealing with [del] Hospitals ... I was glad when I changed to GHS. The difference is night & day."

"Other family members have been patients of Dr. McElroy. We would request him for future visits for all family members and highly recommend him to others."

"My second visit to the Ortho Clinic at Woodbine & I would recommend the staff to everyone ... Dr. McElroy & his support staff are A+."
"VERY IMPRESSED with Dr. McElroy. He took time to listen to my concerns and I have confidence in his treatment. He appears to have a genuine concern for patients."

"I felt [Dr. Matthew McElroy] was doing all the things I hoped for but did not mention, to determine my health issues. I was glad they did an x-ray then gave me results right away. I felt he never wasted a moment in my visit. Thank you!"

William M. Mirenda, MD

"We love Dr. Mirenda."

"Dr. Mirenda has been outstanding during all of our experiences."

"The staff is wonderful ... I am so pleased to be part of this care giving facility."

"Dr. Mirenda is excellent. I would recommend him to anyone needing pediatric care ... A+ experience."

"Dr. Mirenda is an excellent doctor, excellent bedside manner and is very thorough. I would recommend him to anyone. We've had a very positive experience with him."

John M. Parenti, MD

"The experience was excellent. All the hospital staff make you feel at ease. Dr. Parenti was the one who made me feel relaxed, and he was very professional and instilled confidence ... [Dr. Parenti was] very knowledgeable and I felt safe in his hands. I would recommend this practice to my family and friends without hesitance."

"The doctor & nurses deal with the same injuries with many people every day. Yet, they show personal attention & care like you're special. I live in Pottsville but will not go to the hospital in my town ... I prefer to travel to Danville, Geisinger Hospital because I know that's where the best doctors are & best service. Thank you!"

"I had an appointment with Dr. Parenti and he advised me I would have to see a surgeon. He arranged an appointment with Dr. Lillmars in a few minutes & Dr. Lillmars saw me within the next FEW minutes & I had X-rays, blood work, & EKG within the next hours. I was very impressed, I saw 2 doctors, had 2 different X-rays, blood taken and an EKG in less than 3 hours!"

"Excellent care by Dr. Parenti. He has kept me walking for 30 years - by skilled surgery on hips - ankles - femur."

"We are very thankful and grateful for Dr. Parenti - he knows his "stuff" and was great with us. We are very pleased! We recommend you to others and we'd come back if needed. Thank you! And God bless!"

Michael Suk, MD

Twice in that past two years we have found ourselves patients and in need of an orthopaedic surgeon. We have always known that Geisinger is so special but it takes on new meaning when you are their patient. Dr. Bowen is a one-of-a-kind surgeon, who cared for my husband. In June, when I fell on vacation in South Carolina, my husband called Geisinger and spoke directly to another one of their orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Michael Suk. He squeezed me into his schedule two and a half days later. Not only is he a skilled surgeon but he cares. That seems to sum up Geisinger - skilled, caring employees. Please know how much we appreciate Geisinger, Dr. Bowen, Dr. Suk and all the associates with them.

I wish to thank you, along with your surgical team for the remarkable and very successful operation you performed on me. Your extreme knowledge and expertise in this area of medicine has allowed me to move forward with my life as usual in a remarkably short period of time.

I was attached by a 1,485 pound bull at our family farm while cleaning out the pens. After being hit several times, and thrown around and knocked to the cement curb, I knew I had serious injuries, including all of my ribs broken. You and your team operated on me for 7 hours with a new procedure where my ribs would be plated and screwed back together. I was told I would be able to get back to a normal working life and my recovery would be MUCH faster. Without this procedure, recovery would be very painful and lengthy with added medical expenses in the future, including not being able to take full breaths, and most likely not being able to continue in the faming industry which my family and I have been in for 27 years.

Here I am four months after being discharged and I am able to do everything I had done before my injuries here on the farm, including climbing, riding the tractor on uneven ground, forking, shoveling, and lifting up to 80 pounds. I was sent home needing no physical therapy and I never refilled my pain medications.

My family and I wish to thank everyone associated with caring for me and my injuries. The care given during the transportation to the hospital, during my stay in the hospital and here at my home was excellent. You have not only saved my life, but saved my family from ongoing medical expenses that could have lasted a lifetime.

James Widmaier, MD

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank Dr. James Widmaier and his team for the outstanding job they did on my total hip replacement.
After being diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis (I was not able to sit for longer than 15 minutes, stand or even walk without pain), I went to my first appointment with Dr. Widmaier, determined not to have surgery. He examined me (pointing out my loss of mobility), and went over my x-rays showing me the bone on bone situation. He suggested I attend the hip and knee replacement clinic to help with my options. I attended the clinic, and the next day called Dr. Widmaier's office to schedule a surgery date.
After the surgery, I had some discomfort in my hip, but no real pain. When I returned home I didn't need the pain pill that was prescribed to me. I went through four weeks of therapy; one and a half weeks with a walker, two and a half weeks with a cane and I was done.
Today, the only thing that would suggest I had a total hip replacement is the scar on my side. If there is such a thing as a perfect surgery, Dr. Widmaier preformed one on me. I am very grateful for Dr. Widmaier and his team.

"It is with great pleasure that I am taking the time to write a letter showing my sincere appreciation and praise to not only your hospital but the entire staff and Dr. Widmaier who has alleviated my pain and given me back the mobility that I once feared would never return.
Upon my arrival at the medical center in Danville, I was very impressed. It was a pleasure to meet with doctors who demonstrated a true compassion for their patients and take tremendous pride in their work. After reviewing all the information, they stated that I would be an excellent candidate for a hip resurfacing procedure. After living with daily discomfort and sometimes severe pain and watching my mobility decrease, I knew at the end of the consultation that I would have no problem trusting Dr. Widmaier and his surgical staff to proceed with the surgery as soon as they were able.
The information during your "Joint Class" was outstanding and well presented and I only know of a handful of individuals who have had a joint replacement surgery at other facilities and never attended such a class. This shows that you are an outstanding medical facility.
On the day of surgery, I was treated with kindness by everyone. The nurses were gentle, caring and had a great sense of humor, especially at a time of stress prior to surgery. Post surgery I had the pleasure of being cared for many kind nurses who brought me things I needed, and made sure I was as comfortable as I could be. Even in physical therapy, they had tremendous patience, knowing that I was in pain and always encouraged me to do the best that I could.
I would like to point out that the support that I received even after discharge was outstanding. The nurses made sure that my prescriptions were filled and delivered to me prior to leaving the hospital. Rachel, one of my nurses, even gave me a contact card and instructed us to call her with any questions, even after discharge. Due to an issue I was having, I called, left a message and got a return call back within ten minutes.
Your facility and staff have exceeded all of my expectations and most certainly work as a team. There is really no way that I can truly thank Dr. Widmaier and his surgical team for the outstanding results from the surgery they performed. You don't have a great team, you have an OUTSTANDING team. I will recommend Geisinger Medical Center, your doctors and nurses to anyone, and most especially, I would recommend Dr. Widmaier, and his team."

"I am impressed with Dr. Widmaier's care. I have already recommended him to others ... Geisinger is a class act."

"I had more confidence when I left. The doctor answered all of my questions & explained the X-rays to me and my family. He and the nurse practitioner were wonderful. They had a sense of humor and a nice bed side manner."

"Just a note to express my thanks for your fine work on getting my damaged pelvis on the road to healing. I'm aware I have several more weeks of patience ahead of me but I feel your work and that of the rehab folks will enable me to resume my normal activities in the near future."

"Your skill and care helped me to recover after my accident. I so appreciate all that you did for me."

Nurses & Staff

"Wonderful staff, made us feel very welcome and at ease."

"Kevin was very thoughtful and informative while completing my cast."

"The practice lived up to the Geisinger reputation."

"All of the nurses in the orthopedic clinic are great!"

"Very nice and helpful to any questions I had."

"Doctors and nurses worked very well together to correct my problems."

From the moment I walked in the door until I left, everyone was great and so very nice. I even felt special when a nurse held the door for me on my way out.


Anthony J. Balsamo, MD

I just wanted to say Thank you. You are truly a doctor who cares about his patients; when my elbows were crushed, I was crushed also. But you and your team took the time to put my elbow back together again. In doing so, you also raised my spirits. Thank you for being kind to me, telling me a joke when I was in pain, even a story or two in your office. You told me the truth from the beginning to the end. You are what a doctor is.

After my final visit with Dr. Balsamo regarding my fractured clavicle from playing hockey, I wanted to thank him once again for a tremendous job that both Dr. Balsamo and the staff at Geisinger have done for my health. From the time he introduced himself to me in the pre-op room, I felt that I was in the absolute best care possible. And, this way my first broken bone and I couldn't be any more pleased with the results.

"When we met on April 20, I knew you were a special doctor. Your bedside manner put me at ease in a difficult situation, but now my family and friends cannot believe my speedy recovery. A heartfelt thanks for Dr. Balsamo's wonderful medical care and superb surgery. As you prescribed, I am enjoying life."

"Doctor Balsamo has the best bed side manner I've seen in years. He has the ability to connect with patient."

"Dr. Balsamo answered our questions. We didn't feel rushed, he was professional & courteous."

"Dr. Balsamo was extremely kind. He has a great bedside manner. He made my 4-year-old son & I very comfortable."

"My wife, [name excluded], a recent Geisinger Gold recovering surgical patient of Dr. Krywicki and also treated by Dr. Balsamo, felt compelled to acknowledge and provide official positive feedback regarding her timely and excellent care during her two recent surgical and trauma experiences at GWV hospital... We both want to express our personal appreciation to the courteous and efficient Orthopaedic Staff Members who perform behind the scene services and should not be overlooked for their hard work... A special kudo of acknowledgement should be accorded to Karen Andrews, PA-C, who allayed our concerns, answered all of our questions regarding my wife's total hip replacement and provided a special dose of empathy when we were both in the hospital at the same time... Her personal hug and encouragement did wonders to bolster our morale... God bless you and thank you for a job well done."

Meagan Fernandez, MD

"Dr. Fernandez was very attentive and I did not feel like I was being rushed through a scheduled. She made sure that I was satisfied and understood the process for before and post casting."

David J. Kolessar, MD

"Please accept the following as a formal commendation letter to be extended to your superbly skilled Dr. Kolessar and the exemplary manner in which is orthopaedic surgical team were able to coordinate and execute the total replacements of both of my wife's hips. From start to finish it was evident to us bith that this surgeon and his staff performed all functions of this procedure with precision. Additionally, when Dr. Kolessar came to the waiting room to let me know how my wife made out, I complimented him on his superb skills and thanked him for giving my wife a second chance to walk again without the excruciating pain that she was experiencing on a daily basis. Dr. Kolessar simply said that this is what we trained for and this is what we do and went on to state that he was blessed with the support of his surgical team."

"It is with extreme pleasure to have experienced a superbly trained staff at work as they performed their mission flawlessly. This team of professionals are truly a credit to Geisinger. I believe that they should know how much they are appreciated, specifically the sensitive way they communicated and prepare each patient for surgery. It is these skills that are instrumental in giving patients trust and confidence for the care they are about to receive."

"I want you to be aware that Dr. Kolessar is very well known as an excellent doctor in the community. I've talked with many people since my visit at his office and when I mention Dr. Kolessar's name, they say he is an excellent doctor. When a patient has a problem, you want the BEST. Knowing this, it puts my mind at ease to have the surgery that I need."

"My wife and I had, between us, 5 operations and we only can say we had excellent care by all staff. A big thank you to all the staff on the hip & knee floors, therapy staff and especially our Dr. Kolessar. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

William J. Krywicki, MD

"Dr. Krywicki & his staff our outstanding!!"

"Dr. Krywicki is one of the finest doctors I have ever dealt with. I totally trust him and have great faith in him. He helped me a lot with my health problems thank you, Dr. Krywicki."

"My wife, [name excluded], a recent Geisinger Gold recovering surgical patient of Dr. Krywicki and also treated by Dr. Balsamo, felt compelled to acknowledge and provide official positive feedback regarding her timely and excellent care during her two recent surgical and trauma experiences at GWV hospital... We both want to express our personal appreciation to the courteous and efficient Orthopaedic Staff Members who perform behind the scene services and should not be overlooked for their hard work... A special kudo of acknowledgement should be accorded to Karen Andrews, PA-C, who allayed our concerns, answered all of our questions regarding my wife's total hip replacement and provided a special dose of empathy when we were both in the hospital at the same time... Her personal hug and encouragement did wonders to bolster our morale... God bless you and thank you for a job well done."

Monica Mathes, PA-C

"I experienced good care and my room was pleasant. Everyone deserves a pat on back. I would definitely refer others to your care. Thanks, all of you. I had a very enjoyable stay and everyone gave me good care."

James Murphy, MD

Dr. Murphy's work on my hip was awesome. He operated on me in April 2014. I am completely healed and using my leg like I never had surgery done. My scar is barely noticeable. His bedside manner was wonderful. You should be proud to have him on your staff. I thank you for having the best hip surgeon in your hospital.

So often, praise is not given to people so deserving, such as Dr. James Murphy, Steven R. Kazmierski, RN and Mary Jo Chupka, RN. All assisted me during my 48 hour hospital stay for my total hip replacement.
I strongly feel Mr. Kazmierski went above and beyond the standard level of patient care on the evening following my surgery, asking if I wanted to dangle my feet and stand. I expressed my sympathy towards other patients indicating those need care as well, but he insisted that he was there to also help me. I truly believe if he had not been so kind, caring, and patient I would not have advanced to the stage when I could leave only two days later. This individual is a nurse who worked hard for what he has accomplished and the motivation he provides patients through his true calling, shows.

Ms. Chupka assisted me on the evening following my surgery. Ms. Chupka did not hesitate to take swift action to care for me that evening. In a similar manner to Mr. Kazmierski, she was so thoughtful, considerate, attentive, and deserving of her profession.

In closing, I consider Dr. James Murphy a significant asset to your system. Not only is he extremely skilled, but is kind and caring in a manner consistent with the aforementioned employees. Without these employees, I don't believe I would be walking without any assistance just six weeks following the total hip replacement procedure I received. Furthermore, I commend the institution and staff for providing first class services that demand recognition and referral to individuals seeking medical care. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the rendered services and subsequent recovery time for which I remain forever grateful.

John Lynott, MD

Dr. Lynott diagnosed me with two frozen shoulders. The last time I saw him was in October 2011 and at that time gave me an injection. I didn't have much faith that after this many months it was going to make a difference, but it did and I have felt better ever since. I cannot say that my range of motion is what it should be but I am pain free and I am forever grateful to Dr. Lynott. I hope I don't need your medical expertise in the future, no offense, but I certainly won't hesitate to call upon you should the need arise.

Hans Olsen, MD

"Every visit to Dr. Olsen has exceeded my expectations. They ran an efficient office - never a wait and they are courteous and helpful. Most recently, Dr. Olsen and his staff went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue with my airline and a cancelled flight due to my injury. From the start I could see the high level of skill and competence of Dr. Olsen. Additionally, he always spent the right amount of time for me in explaining my care and in answering all my questions & concerns. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Olsen as my physician."

"Dr. Olsen took the time to explain every thing. He showed he really cared. Dr. Olsen is great, along with the rest of the staff."

Alex Piczon, PA-C

"The experience was excellent ... Thank you so much. Alex was wonderful with my son. He answered all questions & was very helpful."

David Ross, MD

"Dr. David Ross is a caring man. He is cautious, and has empathy for his patients. Geisinger is spotless & I tell everyone! Dr. Ross is thorough, pleasant, and knowledgeable! I feel safe and secure with my health care. All the physicians I see at Geisinger Bear Creek are beyond expectation!"

"Dr. Ross is personable, thorough, patient, willing to explain and concerned for the patient's discomfort during a procedure. Above all, he's a "good" doctor!"