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orthoticsOrthotics is the medical field concerned with the evaluation, application and manufacture of devices that support or correct the function of the limbs or torso. Braces control and support the spine, upper extremity and lower extremity, including the hip, knee, ankle and foot. These braces or orthoses can be divided into two categories – custom fit and custom fabricated. Geisinger's Orthotics Department services inpatients at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, as well as outpatients referred by any physician in the surrounding service area.

Orthotics services and products

Patients may range in age from newborn infants to senior citizens. Patients may be seen with a prescription for a specific brace or with a prescription for an evaluation and treatment with an orthosis as needed. Everything that we do requires a prescription from a qualified physician. Once a patient has been evaluated and an appropriate brace decided upon, the referring physician will need to write a prescription requesting the device.

Custom fit braces are manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles. A qualified clinician, also called an orthotist evaluates and measures the patient for the prescribed device. The orthosis is then fit to the patient to obtain the optimum functional outcome. This may require recontouring or some other modification to achieve an appropriate individualized fit. The patient is also instructed on the proper use and care of the device by the orthotist.

Custom fabricated braces require that the orthotist work closely with the referring physician, physical therapist and other members of the multidisciplinary team to evaluate the patient, and formulate a prescription based on the patient’s needs in relation to their  disease entity, functional loss and individual preferences. The orthotist then designs, fabricates, fits and aligns appropriate custom orthoses. These are made from detailed measurements and/or casts of the involved limbs or torso. Braces are then fit to the patient and adjusted as necessary to achieve the desired functional outcome.

The Orthotics Department at Geisinger participates with most local insurance companies including: Medicare, Medicaid, GHP, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health America, HMO’s, PPO’s and Commercial Carriers. Insurance companies offer partial or complete coverage of costs associated for most orthotic services. Preauthorization is often required. Before any billable service is provided, our clerical staff will do their best to determine the costs to the patient. The patient will then be responsible for these deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance charges at the time of service delivery.  In most cases, arrangements can be made for monthly payments if necessary. There is no charge for an evaluation and consultation with an orthotist.  

For the quickest service, call for an appointment. Walk-ins are accommodated but patients with an appointment are given priority. Our hours of operation are 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. An appointment can be made by calling our office at: 570- 271-5139 during these hours.