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Services & Products

Geisinger’s experienced orthotists will work with you and your physician to create the right orthotic treatment to help you achieve your goals.  We offer the complete range of options for all ages.


For management of diabetic, athletic and general foot problems, Geisinger offers shoe inserts, specialized shoes or external shoe modifications. Examples include:

  • Custom molded shoes
  • Extra depth shoes
  • Darco shoes
  • Custom foot orthotics and UCBLs
  • Off-the-shelf foot orthoses
  • Toe fillers and partial foot prostheses

Lower extremity orthoses

These include braces that control and stabilize the ankle, knee and foot following loss of function from disease, trauma or birth injury. These also may be used post-operatively to protect and enhance rehabilitation. Examples include:

  • Prefabricated posterior leaf spring AFO
  • Dennis – Browne bar
  • Carbon fiber low profile AFO
  • Custom MAFOs and DAFOs
  • Arizona AFOs
  • Ankle gauntlets
  • Aircast products
  • PRAFO® – orthosis
  • Night splints for plantar fasciitis
  • Walking boots
  • Knee immobilizers
  • Custom and off-the-shelf functional knee orthoses
  • Post-op adjustable ROM knee braces
  • Osteoarthritis knee braces
  • Patellar tracking knee braces
  • Fracture braces
  • KAFO – knee ankle foot orthosis
  • HKAFO – hip knee ankle foot orthosis
  • RGO – reciprocating gait orthosis
  • Hip abduction orthosis

Upper extremity orthoses

These include braces to support, immobilize and limit movement of the fingers, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder due to disease, trauma, overuse or surgery. Examples include:

  • Carpal tunnel brace
  • Thumb spica brace
  • Elbow adjustable ROM brace
  • Tennis elbow brace
  • Elbow hyperextension brace
  • Forearm and humeral fracture braces
  • Shoulder immobilizer
  • Shoulder abduction brace

Spinal orthoses

These are used to manage cervical, thoracic and low back fractures, pain and scoliosis. Examples include:

  • Soft cervical collars
  • Miami-J collars
  • Miami-J collars with thoracic extension
  • Custom TLSO – thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis
  • Jewett style anterior hyperextension brace
  • Corsets
  • Warm and form LSO
  • Abdominal and bariatric binders
  • Custom LSO – lumbar sacral orthosis
  • Maternity supports
  • Scoliosis TLSO

Cranial orthoses

These are used for properly shaping an infant’s head or head protection following, trauma, surgery and seizures. Examples include:

  • Cranial molding helmets for Plagiocephaly
  • Soft/hard protective helmet