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Geisinger’s Osteoporosis Program is dedicated to providing the best treatment plan for you. Women, especially, begin losing bone mineral density in their 20’s and 30’s. The amount you lose depends on a number of risk factors, all of which we take into account. 

Whether you are at risk or have the disease, we offer customized care that incorporates the latest therapies, technologies, and clinical trials. That includes our bone density testing facilities and our mobile testing units that offer bone scanning at primary care physicians’ offices in your area.

Geisinger’s Consultation Services provide an excellent way to begin focusing on your bone health. Our clinical nurse specialists and physicians work with you to develop a customized wellness plan built around your health risk assessment.  

Our Infusion Therapy Suites at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Geisinger Wyoming Valley’s 675 Baltimore Drive location and Geisinger-Scenery Park, State College are equipped with infusion chairs. Here specially trained IV nurses administer new therapeutic regimens to treat osteoporosis. This is especially helpful for those who cannot tolerate oral medications or whose fragility makes them better candidates for receiving care in a well-monitored, safe setting.

The High Risk Osteoporosis Clinic (HiROC) is a specialty clinic which focuses on evaluating and treating patients who are at high risk for breaking a bone. Because even the simplest movements can cause broken wrists, ankles, and hips, the HiROC team works with patients and their family physicians to ensure patients understand the risk factors, treatment options, prevention strategies, and self-care/safety measures.

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Osteoporosis care is managed by the Department of Rheumatology. Click below for a list of Geisinger rheumatologists: