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Pain Health Links

The links below offer patient wellness information on a variety of pain-related topics:

Back Fracture (Compression Fracture)
Back Pain (Low) or Leg Pain: Possible Causes
Back Pain (Low): Self-Care
Back Pain, Low: Causes of Lumbar
Back Pain, Relieving
Back Safety: Basics of Good Posture
Back Safety: Getting Into and Out of Bed
Back Safety: Poor Posture Hurts
Back Safety: Pushing and Pulling
Back Safety: Sitting
Back Safety: Standing
Back Safety: Turning
Cervical Epidural Injection
Cervical Epidural Injection: Your Experience
Cervical Spine Problems, Nonsurgical Treatment of
Cortisone Injections
Discogram, What Is
Discogram: After the Test
Discogram: During the Test
Facet Joint Injection
Facet Joint Injection: Your Experience
Fibromyalgia, Managing
Fibromyalgia, Understanding
Kyphoplasty, Discharge Instructions for
Lumbar Epidural Injection, What Is?
Lumbar Epidural Injection: Recovery at Home
Lumbar Epidural Injection: Your Procedure
Neck Exercises: Neck Isometrics
Neck Muscles, Your
Neck Problems, Understanding
Neck Problems: Symptoms, Relieving Your
Neck, Know Your: The Cervical Spine
Neck, Protecting Your: Posture and Body Mechanics
Pain Management
Pain Medication, Delivering
Pain Medications, Common Myths About
Pain Response, Understanding
Pain, Communicating About
Pain, Complementary Care for
Pain, Managing Chronic: Activity
Pain, Managing Chronic: Medications
Pain, Managing Chronic: Therapies for Mind and Body
Pain, Measuring Your
Pain, The Cycle of Chronic
Pain, Understanding Chronic
Pain, Medication for
Peripheral Neuropathy, Treating
Peripheral Neuropathy, What Is
Restless Legs Syndrome, Understanding
Restless Legs Syndrome: What You Can Do
Safety, Back: Bending
Safety, Back: Lifting
Safety, Back: Sleeping Positions
Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Spine and Disk Problems, Common
Spine Problems, Cervical
Spine, Normal Anatomy
Stress, Keys to Managing
Stress, Responding Better to
Stress: Causes and Effects
Sympathetic Nerve Block
Sympathetic Nerve Block: Your Experience
Trigger Point Injection
Trigger Point Injection: Your Experience