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Indwelling Epidural Catheters

I-flow treatment is tailored strictly for patient convenience. The I-flow system is a simple self-contained system with no moving mechanical parts. This I-flow system is very portable and inconspicuous, especially when it is carried inside a provided fanny pack. Typical duration of treatment is between 4-6 weeks.

I-flow system consists of a self-contained rubberized bulb which contains a local anesthetic medication, ie., numbing medication, which is connected to an epidural catheter, a very small hollow flexible tubing that is slightly bigger than a fishing line. Your pain physician will place an epidural catheter at appropriate site and then tunnel it and connected to this I-flow delivery bulb. A white colored clamp enables patient to control delivery of this medication at a fixed infusion.  In most cases, this type of treatment provides superior longer pain relief than traditional single injection treatments, especially when combined with aggressive physical rehabilitation therapy. 

Typical indication for this type of treatment is CRPS type I and II, old vertebral fractures that are not candidate for vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty treatments or rib fractures. Ask your pain physician for more details.