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Palliative Medicine

Palliative & Support Medicine

Working with you

If you are a patient or family member, you’ll find comfort in knowing that we are experienced in dealing with the many varied aspects of life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses and conditions. You’ll find our staff is warm and knowledgeable, and can help get you started.

Requests for inpatient or outpatient consultation may include situations like:

  • Improving pain management for incurable and terminal diseases, including patients diagnosed with cancer
  • Improving other symptom management, such as shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, intestinal obstruction, constipation, nutritional issues, weight loss, depression and fatigue
  • Coordinating clinical services while patients are undergoing active therapies for conditions such as advanced lung, heart, kidney or neurological disease
  • Counseling for severe trauma or stroke patients
  • Assisting with decisions surrounding supportive therapies such as tube feedings or mechanical ventilation for patients with advanced and incurable illness
  • Assisting with family issues, priorities and coping strategies
  • Clarifying treatment and counseling options
  • Counseling on available resources, CPR, living wills and advance directives, and other family education
  • Discussing the need for and coordination of hospice or transitional care

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