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Platelet Gel Therapy

Using Your Own Blood to Help You Heal

When you’re planning to have a major surgery, you want your team to use every option to make your surgery safe and help you to heal more quickly.  That’s why Geisinger’s surgery team is a national leader in using an innovative treatment called ‘platelet gel therapy.’

The therapy uses the platelets found in your own blood to improve your body’s natural healing ability.

Studies – including several performed by the experts at Geisinger – suggest that using platelet gel therapy during and after a surgical procedure improves surgical outcomes and decreases post surgical complications.

The method involves taking a small sample of your own blood and concentrating certain components that help your body to heal. The resulting solution is called ‘platelet gel’ or ‘platelet rich plasma.’

A Promising Treatment for Athletes

Platelet gel therapy has gotten media attention because of its use on professional athletes, including Troy Palamalu and Hines Ward from the Pittsburgh Steelers (click to read the story in the New York Times).

However, over the past seven years, the experts at Geisinger have used platelet-rich plasma to benefit more than 5,000 Geisinger patients in central and northeastern Pennsylvania

When the platelet gel is applied to your wound, it triggers your body’s natural healing mechanisms and safely helps you to heal naturally and more quickly. 

Some benefits of using platelet gel therapy include:

  • Faster healing
  • Reduced pain
  • Less likelihood of infections
  • Reduced risk of adhesions
  • Reduced bleeding

Diabetes and other medical conditions can make it more difficult for wounds to heal. Evidence suggests that the use of platelet gel in theses cases improves the potential for more rapid and complete healing. This can make it easier for patients with healing disabilities and their families to choose important, potentially lifesaving surgeries.

Alfred Stammers, MSA, CCP, PBMT, Director of Geisinger’s Perfusion Program, calls platelet gel therapy “one of the greatest advances in blood management to occur in the last decade.”  Partnering with Geisinger’s surgeons, the perfusion team has become one of the nation’s most aggressive and busiest programs regularly using platelet gel.  As testament to their leadership, Geisinger’s team has developed a number of protocols where platelet gel is used to help reduce infection after surgery. 

Currently, patients undergoing orthopedic, cardiac, and vascular surgery at Geisinger hospitals can benefit from the use of platelet gel therapy. This innovative therapy is becoming increasingly more common because of the outstanding benefits it offers those who need help healing. When it comes to bringing you the healing power of platelet gel, Geisinger’s team is well ahead of the curve.