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Adult Inpatient Services

Adult Inpatient Services

Sometimes life’s issues are just too hard to deal with. For individuals who need close monitoring for their emotional and physical well-being, Geisinger offers a 28-bed acute inpatient unit at its Geisinger Medical Center location, as well as a 20-bed acute inpatient unit at The Bloomsburg Hospital.

Our multidisciplinary inpatient psychiatry team includes:

  • Board-certified psychiatrists
  • Therapists
  • Licensed counselors
  • Nursing staff (RNs, LPNs and nursing assistants)
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physician assistants
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Caseworkers

These experienced professionals are dedicated to helping patients in all aspects of their care, including:

  • Medication management
  • An individualized treatment plan
  • Group therapy
  • Family meetings
  • Daily activities
  • Around-the-clock nursing care

We focus on crisis management and stabilization, as well as follow-up outpatient planning, to give patients better coping skills and a more positive outlook on life. A patient’s family is a very important part of his or her treatment plan, and we encourage visits and involvement in helping the patient feel better.

We are a “full-service” inpatient unit caring for patients 14 years and older with access to all of Geisinger’s multispecialty practices, diagnostic testing and electroconvulsive therapy. We are closely connected with all of Geisinger’s outpatient psychiatric services including individual therapy, group therapy and an intensive outpatient program, as well as the local county mental health agencies and other local providers.