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Pulmonary Medicine

Asthma Management Program

A Full-Scale Focus on Asthma

Struggling to catch your breath is one of the most panicky feelings, and those with asthma know it all too well. In turn, fear of having an asthma attack can take over your life. 

At Geisinger, we understand. Our Asthma Management Program has helped hundreds of people develop a degree of control over the disease. Specially trained case managers provide personal follow-up of the asthmatic patient, including medication management, education and, when appropriate, environmental assessments at your home or office.

Directed by a board-certified pulmonary medicine specialist, the program involves close collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician. Our case managers are dedicated to helping asthmatics prevent worsening symptoms, emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

\We also provide supportive services such as counseling and community resource information. Our goal is to keep you breathing as free as can be.