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Pulmonary Medicine

What We Treat

Geisinger Pulmonary specialists are highly skilled in treating chronic and complex lung disorders and diseases. We understand how these illnesses affect your quality of life. We bring years of experience and research to helping families manage the symptoms in everyday living.  

Asthma — A chronic disease, asthma can trigger breathing attacks when the airways come in contact with allergens or irritants like smoke. The muscles around the airways swell and extra mucus forms, further blocking normal breathing. 

Bronchitis — Chronic forms of bronchitis inflame and clog the airways with mucus. A simple cough or cold can quickly lead to bronchitis and more serious lung problems.

COPD — Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is caused by a blockage in the lungs that prevents air from flowing in and out freely. This disease can become very severe, even resulting in emergency hospitalizations.

Emphysema — Emphysema is most often caused by exposure to tobacco smoke. Emphysema destroys the air sacs in the lungs, resulting in less space for oxygen to enter the blood.  

Lung Cancer — Lung cancer is actually a series of different tumors that develop in the lungs. Usually caused by smoking or exposure to tobacco, lung cancer is, unfortunately, a leading cause of death and requires aggressive treatment.