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Programs and Treatments

One focus of Geisinger's Rheumatology Department is developing new and more effective programs and treatments to care for patients with rheumatic diseases. This includes:

Geisinger Mobile DXA Program
This program brings state-of-the-art osteoporosis screening directly to primary care clinics and offices. The mobile program provides more than 5,000 DXA screenings a year at 20 different primary care sites throughout Pennsylvania.

High-Risk Osteoporosis Program (HiROC)
HiROC ensures that patients who are at high risk for fracture, or those who have suffered a fracture while hospitalized, receive individually tailored treatments based on their preferences and medical needs.

Patient-Centric Electronic Redesign (PACER®)
An office-based touchscreen questionnaire for patient input is combined with specialized software to collect data on patients with rheumatic diseases. PACER® promotes patient-focused care as well as providing rheumatologists with unique and vital medical information. Touchscreen Questionnaire: A visit to our rheumatology clinic starts with completing our user-friendly computer questionnaire. This information, along with data from our electronic health record, nurses, and your rheumatologist, is stored, calculated, and displayed (along with data from your previous questionnaires) for your physician to evaluate. With these results, you and your rheumatologist can track your progress over time to ensure you're getting the most effective treatment possible.

Infusion Therapy
Our infusion therapy suites at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Geisinger Wyoming Valley's 675 Baltimore Drive location and Geisinger-Scenery Park, State College, are equipped with infusion chairs. Specially trained IV nurses administer new therapeutic regimens to treat osteoporosis. This is especially helpful for those who cannot tolerate oral medications or whose fragility makes them better candidates for receiving care in a well-monitored, safe setting.

ttribution, Integration, Measurement, Finances And Reporting of THERapies (AIM FARTHER) This program is designed to manage your rheumatoid arthritis and to measure the quality of care we provide to you. These quality measures give us important information about how you are feeling and doing as a patient with rheumatoid arthritis.

As a patient with rheumatoid arthritis, we will assign you a "scorecard" of your measures. This will let us know how you are doing on each of your quality measures (.pdf). During your visit, we will review the results with you. Each goal met will aid in better management of your rheumatoid arthritis. We are here to help and to answer any questions you may have.