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Service at Your fingertips

When you come to Geisinger for Rheumatology assessment and care, you — the patient — are at the center of everything from appointment scheduling to tracking treatment effectiveness. Our Advanced Access Program and Rheumatology Touchscreen Questionnaire are two examples of how we combine a patient-centric focus with technology to help us be more responsive to your needs and treat you more effectively.

Advanced Access Program: By managing appointment scheduling and allowing adequate time for patient requests, this system reduces wait time and gets you in for a Rheumatology visit much sooner—often within a few days to a week. For questions or other concerns, contact us by phone or message us through MyGeisinger. Our computer system with your stored information and an on-call physician available 24/7 enable us to respond efficiently and effectively to your needs.

Touchscreen Questionnaire: A visit to our Rheumatology clinic starts with you completing our user-friendly computer questionnaire. This information from you along with data from our electronic health record, from nurses, and from the Rheumatologist is stored, calculated, and displayed (along with data from your previous questionnaires) for your physician to evaluate. With these results, you and your Rheumatologist can track your progress over time, to ensure you’re getting the most effective treatment possible.

Computer-based technology is only one aspect of the advanced care patients receive from Geisinger’s Rheumatology Department. Our team of more than 30 experts across the Geisinger System includes physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurse providers, office personnel, DXA technologists and mobile DXA van drivers who are all committed to providing exceptional care for patients with rheumatic diseases.