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Spine Medicine

Spine Medicine

All the care you need to relieve your back pain

Experts from multiple medical disciplines make Geisinger’s Spine Medicine Program the right choice for anyone with back pain – from those who have never had back treatment to those who have had surgery and are still experiencing pain and loss of function.

Geisinger’s Spine Medicine experts specialize in non-surgical management of spine related disorders. Depending on your needs, we’ll work in conjunction with representatives from Pain Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, Behavioral Medicine and Physical Therapy to make sure you get the most appropriate care.

We will help you return to work, sports and recreational activities in addition to assisting after surgery, pregnancy and gastric bypass.

Appointments are available quickly and pre-appointment imaging is not necessary. If you have severe pain, same day are often available.

Our multidisciplinary approach draws on a variety of specialties to ensure you receive the most effective back and spine care, including:

At Geisinger, you'll benefit from an approach to spine care that puts you at the center of a full team of professionals with one goal – giving you the right care to relieve your back pain.

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