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Spiritual Care

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Spiritual Care reflects an authentic relationship where the chaplain joins the other (patient, family member, staff personnel) in ways that help the person utilize her or his Spiritual beliefs as a resource for their own healing. The interaction is framed with deep caring and a desire on the part of the chaplain to enable the other by joining them in the midst of their questions, fears and hopes.
This support often allows the person to access strength and resolve as she or he copes with their experience of suffering or uncertainty. Respect for the values of the person served creates an opportunity to engage the larger meaning of the event, to make sense of it, and to determine a future course that includes hope and acceptance.

Patient services

Since 1976 there has been a professional spiritual care presence at Geisinger Medical Center. Our purpose is to provide for the spiritual and religious needs of patients, families and staff.

Chaplain residents are involved in clinical pastoral education. Spiritual care makes every effort to visit each patient during his or her stay. Doctors, nurses and support staff can refer patients to Spiritual Care or call the hospital operator to be connected to the duty chaplain.

Geisinger offers a web-based support and outreach program, called PrayerNET. Click to pray for hospitalized patients.

Chaplain residents
Five full-time chaplains are enrolled in a one-year Spiritual Care Residency Program on staff. At least one chaplain is in the medical center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chaplains listen, pray, support and offer sacraments of baptism and communion upon request. Chaplains assist people of any faith by contacting the appropriate religious community.

Chaplain assistants
The department also includes chaplain assistants, volunteers trained to make initial visits to patients at Geisinger Medical Center.

Catholic ministries

More than 30 eucharist ministers carry out visitation to Roman Catholic patients. Ministries are led by the Catholic priest available through the day and for emergencies after 5 pm.

Rea Interfaith Chapel

Located near Geisinger Medical Center's B elevators, Rea Interfaith Chapel offers a place for solitude and prayer. A prayer book is available for prayer requests, checked daily by the duty chaplain.
In addition to the chapel, there is a meditation room located on the third floor of the Janet Weis Children's Hospital. All are welcome to use these facilities.

Spiritual care advisory committee

The committee supports and monitors the work of the Spiritual Care Department. Membership is drawn from hospital administration and staff, local clergy, and the surrounding community.

Senior Director

Rev. Shannon Borchert

Contact us

For more information or to contact the Spiritual Care Department, call the hospital operator. Dial "0" from within the hospital or (570) 271-6211 from an outside line and ask to be connected to the duty chaplain. Call the Spiritual Care Department at (570) 271-3700 or ask your nurse or staff member to contact the duty chaplain.


The Spiritual Care Center is located across from the Pine Barn Inn, at the foot of the hill in front of Geisinger Medical Center. Rea Interfaith Chapel is located near the B elevators on the first floor.