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Breast Cancer Surgery

Expertise and Options

One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the second most common cancer among women. But there is hope. Today, there are more than two million breast cancer survivors are living testimony to the progress made in recent years. Early detection along with treatment advances are increasing women’s chances of survival.

The Geisinger Breast Clinic evaluates women with all breast complaints including: symptoms of benign breast disease, personal breast cancer risk assessment, an abnormal mammogram, or a new breast cancer diagnosis. The Breast Clinic staff recognizes that, while most patients seen in our clinic will not be diagnosed with breast cancer, the anxiety that accompanies a Breast Clinic referral can be very high. Our experienced staff provides patients with compassionate, state-of-the-art management of breast disease. Geisinger’s fellowship-trained breast surgeons offer women a range of surgical options as well as leading-edge techniques in conjunction with our expert breast radiologists.

Our breast cancer surgeons work as part of a multidisciplinary team of pathologists, oncologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, oncology nurses and other specialists to provide comprehensive evidence-based breast cancer treatment. The Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic meets weekly to formulate personalized treatment plans for all patients with breast cancer. Our longstanding memberships in multiple cooperative clinical trials groups provide access to research studies in breast cancer treatment and prevention. At Geisinger, please be assured that your breast surgeon is concerned with your wishes and treating your cancer in the most delicate, skilled way.

Learn more about Geisinger's team approach to breast cancer care.