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Thoracic Surgery

Geriatric Thoracic Surgery

Experience with age

Pennsylvania has the second highest senior population in the US. Combine that with the fact that the incidence of lung and esophageal cancer increases with age, and you can be sure of one thing: our surgeons are experienced in geriatric surgical care.

Geisinger's thoracic surgeons use advanced noninvasive imaging to make an accurate diagnosis. Then they use the most appropriate minimally invasive treatment techniques, including:

When appropriate, our surgeons use local anesthesia and sedation to reduce risk even more. Everything comes together to help them treat disease as gently and efficiently as possible, to make the surgery more safe and comfortable.

No matter your age or stage of illness, you'll find hope in the experience and skill of our thoracic surgeons.

To see if our thoracic surgeons can help you or a loved one, talk to your primary care physician or contact a Geisinger thoracic surgeon.