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Thoracic Surgery

Tracheal and Bronchial Surgery

Saving tissue, adding time

Tracheal and bronchial disorders require a surgical approach that spares healthy tissue in the lungs and windpipe. Saving more healthy tissue improves the likelihood of a good surgical outcome and a better quality of life down the road.

Our thoracic surgeons partner with a multidisciplinary team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists and other specialists and support staff to get a fast and accurate diagnosis and create a care plan that is tailored for you. Geisinger’s thoracic surgeons then evaluate how they can best use advanced treatment options to give you care that is minimally invasive and maximally effective.

To give you the best opportunity for a healthier future, our thoracic surgeons primarily use these treatments:

  • Laser broncoscopy (for obstruction due to cancer)
  • Tracheobronchial stent (obstruction due to cancer)
  • Sleeve resection (as alternative to pneumonectomy)
  • Tracheal resection for malignant or benign stenosis

Talk to your primary care physician or contact Geisinger's thoracic surgeons to see if their experience and skill with tracheal or bronchial surgery can make a difference for you or a loved one.