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Transplant Surgery

A Gift of Life

Your liver. Your kidneys. Your pancreas.
They are very important to your digestive system. But you probably don't think about them much, until disease or injury causes these vital organs to fail.

That's when the transplant specialists at Geisinger step in. To view a complete list of our transplantation services team, led by Chintalapati Varma, MD, Director of Transplantation Surgery, click here.

Geisinger is one of only a few transplant centers in the country, where use of what's called tolerogenic immunosuppression limits the need for steroids after surgery and reduces the risk of rejection. Physicians and surgeons are using both new and tested techniques like this to improve long-term health and quality of life.

Donate Life, Pennsylvania
But that gift of life is an empty box without the single most important member of the transplant team…the organ donor. More than 8,000 Pennsylvanians are waiting for a second chance at life through a life-saving organ transplant. In just 30 seconds, you can register to become an organ donor and save the life of eight people. There's no better way to spend so little time.

Transplant Services

Chintalapati Varma, MD, director of transplantation surgery, explain the advantages of the comprehensive liver, pancreas and kidney transplant services available at Geisinger Health System.

Transplant Surgeons

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