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Financial Services

Financing fertility treatments can often be confusing.  The Fertility Center offers on-site financial counseling directly within the Fertility Clinic, in a comfortable and private setting.  Our financial counselors are highly trained professionals and are full-time members of the fertility team.

Our Business Service Coordinator will work directly with you.  She is available Monday thru Friday during normal clinic hours.  The financial counselor will help you explore insurance options, review benefit and billing related issues, and review payment methods.  During your treatments, if you have any questions, a counselor is always available either by phone or in person at her office in the Fertility Center.  You are free to stop by during any of your scheduled appointments, or you can schedule an appointment for a specific time.

Insurance plans differ.  Therefore, your insurance carrier is usually the best place to seek answers to the majority of your questions. Our Business Service Coordinators will help you deal effectively with your insurance company. Many couples find this assistance extremely valuable. We can help you decide what questions to ask and how to understand your coverage.

While there is rarely an easy answer to the question, "Will my treatment be covered?", we are here to work with you and help you understand and anticipate your coverage as you progress through your treatments at the Fertility Center.