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Genetic Testing

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At Geisinger, we understand that when it comes to the health of your baby-to-be, you want the most reliable testing options available.

Genetic Counselors

Geisinger offers high-risk patients the opportunity to meet with a genetic counselor in order to determine their baby’s risk for genetic disorders. Identifying potential genetic disorders earlier gives the mom-to-be more options and more peace of mind.


Geisinger now offers MaterniT21 Plus, a DNA-based Downs Syndrome test.

To perform the test, a small blood sample is taken and tested to examine fetal DNA in maternal blood for Downs Syndrome and two other common chromosomal abnormalities, trisomy 18 and trisomy 13. With a detection rate of more than 99% and a low false positive rate, the MaterniT21 Plus screening test is an excellent option for high-risk women. Click for more information on MaterniT21 Plus.

MaterniT21 Plus may not be an option for all women, and may not be covered by your insurance. Check with your provider to see if MaterniT21 Plus is an option for you.