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Lactation Services

Breastfeeding can have a positive impact on you and your baby. Not only is breast milk a healthy source of food for newborns, but the process helps to form a bond between mom and baby. Breast milk is full of nutrients that help aid your child's development and reduce the risk of childhood illnesses. Geisinger's lactation consultants offer education during pregnancy and assist with breastfeeding techniques following delivery. The lactation team is even available for support after you are discharged from the hospital and nurturing the bond with your new baby at home.

Our Lactation Services Team includes International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Certified Lactation Counselors, Registered Certified Nurses and Registered Nurses, ready to provide clinical and social breastfeeding support.

Contact Geisinger's Lactation Team at one of the following locations

Geisinger Medical Center
Monday-Friday, 7 am-7 pm
Weekends and holidays
Clinic hours are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Geisinger Wyoming Valley
Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm and 3 - 4 evenings a week until midnight
Most weekends are covered
No holiday coverage
Outpatient visits by appointment only

Geisinger-Bloomsburg Hospital
Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Donor Breast Milk Program
While breast milk is beneficial for all newborns, it is especially valuable for babies born prematurely. When a baby arrives earlier than expected and a mother cannot produce breast milk, or produce enough, donor breast milk is the best substitution. For premature infants in need of breast milk, Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital offers a donor breast milk program. The milk is supplied through the Human Milk Banking Association of North America and the program is funded by Children's Miracle Network. Click to learn more about Geisinger's donor breast milk program.