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Geisinger Shamokin Area Community Hospital

Your Community is our Community

StatueMeeting the needs of the communities we serve means understanding those communities thoroughly. And what better way to do that than by talking to the people who live and work there through a Community Health Needs Assessment?

Geisinger partnered with ACTION Health and other local non-profit hospitals to bring Tripp Umbach, a private healthcare consulting firm and nationally recognized leader in health needs assessments, to our area.

Together, we collected data and interviewed local community members, social service workers, healthcare professionals, legislators and representatives from schools, businesses, local government, emergency management and faith-based organizations.

The study was completed in 2012 and what we found was eye opening. Geisinger Medical Center and Geisinger Shamokin Area Community Hospital serve different communities but their primary needs are the same, including:

  • Improved access to healthcare for underinsured and uninsured residents.
  • Increasing healthy behaviors, including health education programs focused on diet and exercise, stress, safety and prevention of chronic diseases
  • Improvement of transportation services. Community leaders, key stakeholders, and focus group participants all reported that a lack of transportation, coupled with the predominantly rural nature of our region, made it challenging for many residents to access healthcare.

So now that we better understand the needs of the communities we serve, what are we doing to meet them? Plenty.

The following pages highlight programs and services offered to our communities, with information designed to help those who need it most. Our non-profit mission allows us to not only make significant investments in community needs, but also partner with other local non-profit organizations to help improve the health of the people we serve in central and northeast Pennsylvania:


Improving access to healthcareImproving healthy behaviorsCommunity Development