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Janet Weis Children's Hospital

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Pediatric Specialties


Well Child Guide
Your child is growing rapidly in the first few years of life. During the first 3 years, infants and toddlers should be examined regularly to determine proper development and identify any health problems. This information should help answer some of your questions as you care for the newest addition in your family. Learn more

Camp Victory
Camp Victory is a unique summer camp for children with special needs such as chronic health problems, physical or mental disabilities, or the aftermath of catastrophic illness. Their lives are controlled and restricted by daily medications and complex medical treatments. Camp Victory is designed to meet the medical needs of these children while also providing them with a wonderful summer camp experience. Learn more

Children's Miracle Network
The Children's Miracle Network at JWCH raises funds to provide special equipment and services for children at our hospital in Danville as well as other facilities throughout the Geisinger Health System.
Learn more

Child Advocacy Center
The Child Advocacy Center of the Central Susquehanna Valley assesses and treats victims of child abuse and neglect. Children and Youth Services, physicians and law enforcement officials refer cases to CAC when appropriate. CAC conducts forensic interviews during medical examinations, crisis counseling and ongoing case tracking to help limit the number of interviews a child has to face during an abuse investigation. Learn more

Child Life Services
Hospitals, illnesses, medical procedures-even medical equipment-can be very frightening for children. Our Child Life Services specialists help you and your child understand what a test or procedure involves.

We can explain illness or injury in ways a child can understand. Our specialists also help by providing special activities that normalize the hospital environment such as entertainment visitors, playroom activities, Tender Paws pet therapy visits, the Hospital School Program, concerts, magic shows and movie showings.

Our Child Life Services specialists work in many areas of the hospital. To contact us call 570.271.5661 or click here for more information.

Patient and Family Advisory Board
At JWCH we are dedicated to providing patient and family-centered care. Our Patient and Family Advisory Board is made up of patients, family members of patients and Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital employees, all committed to improving the patient experience. The mission of the Family Advisory Board is to contribute to the development and enhacement of patient and family centered care at Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital. The goals of the Patient and Family Advisory Board are:

  • To provide a family perspective to ensure that services meet the family needs
  • To communicate the needs of families and promote effective partnerships between families and professionals
  • To encourage opportunities for families to give feedback and suggestions to the JWCH on services, programs and policies
  • To promote collaboration between families and staff to develop creative solutions to challenges faced by JWCH
  • To empower families and give them a voice in decisions that affect patient care and family experiences

The JWCH Patient and Family Advisory Board meets monthly at JWCH. If you are interested in participating please complete an interest form or contact us directly.

Visitor Information
See our Visitors Guide for information about visiting hours, parking, shuttle bus service, amenities, Wi-Fi access, locations and phone numbers.

Get Directions to all of our facilities, including the Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Danville.

Kohl's Cares Moving4Health
Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital and Kohl's Cares® have teamed up to bring valuable health and wellness education to children and families through the Kohls' Cares Moving4Health Program and the Kids Challenge, a game that encourages healthy behaviors for children. Visit to take the challenge and to learn how to create and maintain healthy lifestyles for years to come.

Events Calendar
We offer a wide variety of community events and classes focused on pediatric health and wellness, childbirth, fitness, nutrition and sports health.
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If your child is ill, the kindness of others willing to pray for you is even more appreciated. Geisinger offers PRAYERnet a nondenominational, web-based support and outreach program through which friends, extended family members and well-intentioned strangers anywhere in the world can send prayers for healing to you and your child.