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ProvenCare by Geisinger ensures quality care comes standard

Designed to deliver the right care at the right time, ProvenCare® is Geisinger's roadmap of safety and consistency for certain medical procedures and services.

ProvenCare revolutionizes healthcare by:
Keeping everyone in sync. ProvenCare provides "One View of You" by working with your electronic health record (EHR). So you, your family and your medical team are always on the same page about your care.
Designing good outcomes. Getting care right the first time reduces costly hospital readmissions and health complications.
Eliminating unnecessary care. Duplicate tests and unneeded procedures are a thing of the past.

And that means you'll spend less time in the hospital or doctor's office and more time at home.

How ProvenCare works

Following national guidelines, clinical trials and studies, Geisinger physicians along with members of the healthcare team work together to discover what kinds of care work-and don't work. Then they develop reliable healthcare methods to improve quality, maximize safety and get you feeling better faster.

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What is an EHR?

An electronic health record (EHR) is an organized digital collection of patient health information and can be shared across different healthcare settings.

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Electronic Health Record