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Juliann Savatt, MS, LGC

I am a board certified and licensed genetic counselor with a Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling from UNC Greensboro. When I began my work at Geisinger in June 2015, I found that I was very quickly integrated into the amazing group of professionals here who are dedicated to the field. With Geisinger’s unique research and clinical opportunities, there is the ability to quickly take on significant responsibilities and build your own career and skills. At Geisinger, I am able to work in both clinical and research settings.

Clinically, I previously worked in the Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment Clinic and recently shifted to the wonderful team at the Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute. In terms of my research interests, I am motivated to empower patients to be active partners in genomic discovery and am working towards that goal by being a part of the team working on GenomeConnect. GenomeConnect, the ClinGen patient registry, allows patients to share their genetic and health information to foster genomic discovery and connect with other stakeholders.