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Marci Schwartz, MS, LGC

After completing the Johns Hopkins/NHGRI Genetic Counseling Training program I wanted a position that enabled me to pursue my interest in clinical research while still providing direct patient care. Geisinger was a great fit because I get to do both in a supportive environment with a thriving genetics community. I have been at Geisinger for more than two years now and I am based in the Forty Fort Precision Health Center in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I have seen patients for both cancer and cardiovascular indications ascertained through a novel genotype-first screening program and more traditional phenotype-driven referrals. Seeing patients through a genotype-first approach has been a uniquely challenging experience because it has highlighted the limitations of traditional risk assessments to detect at-risk individuals before disease onset and caused me to think critically about historical methods of genetics service provision. I have also been empowered to investigate clinical questions I find intriguing, submit abstracts to conferences and write and serve as an author on scientific research articles. This has enabled me to publish my first, first-author publication and give both platform and poster presentations at national meetings.
marci schwartz in front of temple