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Jessica M. Goehringer, MS, LGC

I am a board-certified and licensed genetic counselor with a broad range of clinical and research experience and genomics-related interests.  I have provided clinical genetic counseling in prenatal, pediatric, and adult cancer genetics settings. To increase the delivery of genetic information to patients, I previously developed a group prenatal education program and have participated in tele-counseling efforts. As a research genetic counselor, I coordinated an NIH-funded, multicenter neuromuscular disease project. Presently, I am assisting with phenotype-first and genotype-first monogenic diabetes research as well as in drafting gene reports for Geisinger’s MyCode Community Health Initiative Return of Results Program. I am interested in precision medicine and how embracing this initiative can contribute to improved healthcare and patient health in the future. I have an interest in the utilization of web applications to streamline or augment both clinical and research processes for patients and providers and have written content for several genetics-related websites. Last, I am developing an expertise in Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility spectrum disorder. There is a lack of knowledge about these conditions and many patients remain undiagnosed and without proper management. I hope to increase awareness of this group of connective tissue disorders and serve as a resource for patients and providers.