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Kerrianne Fry, MPH, MS, LGC

I am a board certified and licensed Genetic Counselor with a Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling and a Masters of Public Health in Genetics from the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, I am a Clinical Genetic Counselor working with both pediatric and adult patients; this patient base allows me the opportunity to work with a large, diverse community of individuals with unique conditions. In my work, I have been able to build enlightening relationships with many other specialties that rely on the genetic perspective as well as continue to build my own knowledge base to best serve my patients. During my training, I gravitated toward metabolic genetics and Newborn Screening. I currently have the privilege of being the Geisinger system contact person for all Newborn Screen concerns and work directly with patients referred to our clinic for abnormal newborn screen results. This allows me the unique opportunity to network with multiple hospital systems, intensive care units, nurseries, and the state department of health.