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Melissa Kelly, MS, LGC

I am a board-certified and licensed genetic counselor with a range of clinical, laboratory, and research experience. The majority of my career has been as a laboratory genetic counselor focusing on variant interpretation for cardiovascular genetics at Partners HealthCare Laboratory for Molecular Medicine. I joined the ClinGen Cardiovascular Domain Working Group at its inception and coordinated the initial pilot project for adapting the ACMG/AMP variant classification guidelines for MYH7-related inherited cardiomyopathies. I continue coordinating the expansion of these efforts, including the ClinGen Variant Curation Committee, which aims to curate additional reported MYH7 variants with expert panel status in ClinVar and continued adaptation of the ACMG/AMP guidelines for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). I have also worked as a clinical genetic counselor focusing on cardiovascular genetics, as well as general pediatric and adult genetics. I recently joined Geisinger’s Genomic Medicine Institute as a variant scientist with the MyCode Genomic Screening and Counseling Program helping to coordinate the variant interpretation pipeline and processes.  I am particularly interested in the challenges of variant interpretation and gene curation, in the context of expanding genomic technologies and population screening, and creating innovative approaches to translating this knowledge into clinically meaningful results.
melissa kelly